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14 Best Whole House Water Filter and Filter Cartridge Reviews

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When it comes to whole house water filtration system, it is safe to assume you are worried about the pollutants and poisonous substances in water.

Before you tear into your kitchen and bathrooms, you have to address the problem with hard water since clean water is difficult to come by. It is ideal to invest in a water filter for your house as contaminated water is the leading cause of various illnesses, including cancer.

To achieve optimum protection for your house, get yourself the best whole house water filter and filter cartridge and bid goodbye to the fear of turning your faucet and drinking water right from it.

By fitting a whole house water filter, you will make sure that the water being used for drinking, cooking, and bathing is chemical-free.

Out Top Picks Best Whole House Water Filter and Filter Cartridge Reviews

Who does not want their water at home to be devoid of harmful toxins with improved taste? Due to the increasing popularity of water filter, there are plenty of options in the market. This issue concludes in the search for the ultimate product to be monotonous and tiresome.

However, to spare you the trouble and cater to you with the best options, we have narrowed down the list to the top six filters and filter cartridge.

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Sanitary Quick Change Water Filter System AP903, Reduces Sediment, Chlorine Taste and Odor

Have you ever found yourself plagued with a funky odor while drinking water? It makes the two of us. Most of you would not give it much thought, although this might be a warning sign of contamination in your water system.

To eliminate all sorts of impurity, including chloramines and sediments, an aqua blue water filter is introduced to you.

Who would not like to decipher the ins and outs of a product without any help from the manual? This water filter enables you to make quick and easy changes. In approximately 2 minutes, you will be able to replace the filter cartridge without any additional equipment. Thanks to its Sanitary Quick Change design.

Furthermore, it is NFS Standard 42 certified, which makes sure toxic particulates, including chlorine, lead, and more is removed.

On top of that, the water filter is capable of filtering particles as small as 5 microns. To ensure further superiority, it provides a carbon filter that removes hard-wearing particles. What makes this water filter more irresistible is its capacity to filter up to 100,000 gallons, which is equivalent to a year.

The flow rate can either be 10 or 20 gallons per minute without any trouble due to its high capacity. To be in accordance with the water pressure, the maximum flow rate is 20 gallons per minute. It has an easy installation process.

For those of you stressing over it, the simplicity of the water filter makes it an exceptional choice. Moreover, this filtration system resists the formation of rust through its top-grade material.

Pros & Cons of 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter System


  • A flow rate of 20 GPM
  • Rust resistance
  • Sanitary Quick Change
  • Reduces chlorine and sediments
  • Improves taste and smell


  • The filter has a shorter life span
  • Low water flow
 CULLIGAN WH-HD200-C Whole House Sediment Water 1" HD CLR WTR Filter, Clear bowl

When it comes to an affordable water filter, this product retracts you from wasting money. This water filter not only mitigates sediment, odor, and unpleasant taste from the water but also takes the edge off toxic chemicals such as chlorine.

Although the filtration depends mostly on the type of cartridge you are opting for since it is well suited with a range of Culligan filter cartridge.

Moreover, it holds the ability to protect all your appliances, which endures damage from water. As for its inlet and outlet connectors, they are made of stainless steel that ensures a good quality product and 1-inch whole house water filter for maximum usage. Corrosion is out of the question, and optimal longevity is achieved.

For those of you living in domestic housing, it is an excellent choice. Sometimes you may find your filter in need of maintenance. At times like these, usually the water flow in your house may be jeopardized. However, this model would not let that happen.

It contains a filter solemnly operated by a battery and bypass shut-off valve, which ensures water runs swiftly during the worst of times. Why is it the ultimate Culligan filter housing? Well, it consists of additional useful tools, including WR-HD housing wrench, filter life monitor, mounting bracket, and filter monitor battery.

Prolonged exposure to lead causes severe damage to you. However, this model is NFS 372 certified to battle against the lead. Furthermore, it also holds NFS 42, which makes water more palatable.

Pros & Cons of CULLIGAN WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filter


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Bypass shut-off valve
  • Range of filter cartridge
  • Budget-friendly
  • Certified


  • Installation is slightly hard
  • Needs battery
Spring WGB22B 2-Stage 4.5” x 20” Whole House Water Filtration System Big Blue with Fine Sediment and Carbon Block Filters

We are the reason behind the increasing chemicals in the water bodies; we are also the ones suffering from it. Nevertheless, the water filtration system is an essential product to decontaminate all the water in your house.

As for this Ispring water filter review, it guarantees to eradicate 99% of chlorine along with 95% of other contaminants. If not taken care of, these contaminants can cause severe damage like corrosion.

This Ispring water filter company comes with a model that is directly installed at the main water supply to garner stellar treatment of the water. As for the installation process, you require no professional assistance. It is user-friendly; the manual is enough to guide you.

Besides, it consists of 1-inch national pipe thread inlets and outlets, and big blue 20 inches by 4.5-inch filter cartridges. The water flow rate goes up to 15 gallons per minute. Both impact and maintenance are minimal. The Ispring sediment filter contains two stages of filtration.

While the first stage is made of high capacity polypropylene, which assures to capture particles as small as 5 microns, the second stage is made of top-grade coconut shell carbon for achieving excellent filtration. Both phases of filtration are NFS certified.

What is more interesting is the dual filters have a capacity of 100,000 gallons of water, which ensures a yearlong service to your family without any worry.
As for customer service, Ispring is extraordinary. Through an online registration, you can authorize extended manufacturer warranty and life-time free tech support from their U.S. local support team.

Pros & Cons of iSpring WGB22B 2-Stage Filter System


  • 99% of chlorine is removed
  • 95% of other contaminants removed
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Resistance to rust
  • Dual stages of filtration


  • Small leaks in inlets and outlets
  • A little pricey
Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System w/ UV Purifier & Salt-Free Descaler - Filters Sediment & 97% Of Chlorine

Impure water in our system leads to disastrous outcomes. To battle the ongoing conflict with contaminated water, a water filtration system is invented. For this particular model, you can rest assured 97% of chlorine is removed.
Additionally, 99.9% protection from bacteria and viruses, as well as lead and other toxic chemicals, is ensured.

Since most of you find yourself worrying whether along with the harmful ingredients, you are also losing essential minerals, it introduces kinetic degradation fluxion filtration to tackle your worries. It simply sets a redox reaction in motion by exchanging electrons with contaminants.

Activated carbon filter water along with KDF and a combined effort of UV purifier and its cartridge Scale Control Media (SCM) salt-free technology guarantees the utmost minimization of contaminants and provides useful minerals for the body.

While it may seem like an expensive choice for most of you, but in the long run, it will turn out to be most beneficial. For each gallon of clean water, you will be charged only $0.01. Unlike its competitions, this model makes sure clean water does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Moreover, the cylinder can hold a million gallons of water for ten years. Along with its never-ending attributes, it is also very easy to operate. You do not have to stress over the drainage system of the water since the filter covers it for you.

Also, it comes with an exceptional pre-installation kit, which consists of tools such as brass fittings, a pre-filter, a post-filter, and all the necessary stuff required for perfect installation.

Pros & Cons of Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System


  • Ultraviolet light filtration that ensures almost 100% purification
  • Saves money in the long run
  • KDF filtration
  • User-friendly
  • Top-notch installation kit


  • Expensive
  • May need the help of a professional to install
Reverse Osmosis Revolution 3/4" Port Dual Stage Whole House Water Filtration System with Sediment & CTO Filters

If you are seeking a budget-friendly solution to the troubles concerning your water bodies at home, this model will give you a bang for your buck. This filter organizes the dual-stage of filtration, to fight against the contamination of water.

The first stage ensures all the sediments scaling as small as 5 microns, including dust, dirt, and rust, are captured and reduced from the water. This factor not only certifies clean water but also protects the appliances and the product itself.

Furthermore, the second stage consists of a CTO block filtration system. The CTO stands for chlorine, taste, and odor. It is confirmed that the filter is capable of removing chlorine and stench from the water and further improve the taste of drinking water.

What makes it more mesmerizing is its ability to encapsulate particles as tiny as 5 microns. When it comes to reverse osmosis house filter, it simply allows all the contaminants out of the water.

This treatment process involves the removal of impurities by making use of pressure to force out water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. Meanwhile, the contaminants are filtered from the water bodies. Moreover, the filter consists of a valve with a length of ¾ inches.

It also comes with a one-year filter supply with an additional three sets. All your worries are thrown out of the window concerning the quality of water with its endless attributes. Besides, to eliminate the trouble of finding cartridges, it uses a standard ten by 2.5 inches of rounds.

Pros & Cons of Reverse Osmosis Whole House Water Filtration


  • Affordable
  • Dual-stage filtration
  • Traps as small as 5 microns particles
  • CTO block filter
  • Uses reverse osmosis to get rid of contaminants


  • Leaks in between screens
  • May need a plumber for installation

How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter

Video Credit: Old House

Culligan P5 Whole House Premium Water Filter, 8,000 Gallons

As for Culligan whole house reverse osmosis, if you consider opting for it, you will be welcomed with the topmost reduction on the contamination of your water.

Water must be treated before use as it harbors harmful toxins that cause severe health consequences. As for this model, it significantly reduces sediment, dust, dirt, and rust.

If you are worried about damage to your appliances which comes in contact with water, fret not; this filter takes care of it. Besides, it offers a polypropylene pleated cartridge filter, which includes 3 to 4 layers of membrane. It ensures the capacity to hold impurities prominently.

Moreover, it is compatible with a range of cartridges, including HF-150A, HF-160, HF-360A, and HF-365. The choice is yours. This model has a peak flow rate of up to 4 gallons per minute. It is ideal for providing excellent water flow for residential housing.

On top of that, it holds a filtration capacity of 8,000 gallons, which is equivalent to 2 months of usage. However, it mostly depends on the amount of utilization. Additionally, for those of you worried about the minute particles, the cartridge is capable of handling smaller pieces of 5 microns as well.

To make matters more interesting, this model is WQA approved. Products that are certified by water treatment industry professionals undergo a range of evaluation and test that makes sure the product meets WQA standards for safety. It is also NFS 42 certified.

Pros & Cons of Culligan P5 Whole House Premium Water Filter


  • Range of cartridges
  • WQA & NFS approved
  • Captures particles as small as 5 microns
  • No corrosion
  • A flow rate of 4 GPM


  • Do not do much for odor
  • Drop-in water pressure
KleenWater Watershed2510 Hybrid Pleated / Carbon Block Whole House Water Filters

The KleenWater Watershed2510 can remove chlorine, sediment, and chemicals from water. It is a good water filter cartridge. The hybrid filtration system uses the groundbreaking method which is never used before.

The flow of the water is three gallons per minute.
The Fibrillated Adsorbent Cellulose Technology or FACT impregnated pleated media results “game changing” performance.

Previously, to get this commensurate performance person had to buy heavier and expensive filters. But, todayWatershed-2510 is a light weight filter which will give you the bottle quality water for your family at a very competitive price.

The cartridge is tested in the laboratory by using 117 NTU. NTU is nothing but a measurement of turbidity. The term Turbidity refers to the small particles mixed into water.

Safe potable water should not cross the limit of 0.5 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units). The Watershed -2510 does it best up to 99.7% and offers clean and safe potable drinking water.

The conventional carbon water filter is useless and only has 8% efficiency. The cartridge will ensure you clean, better, safer water for you.

The family will face safe water into the clean water which is free from micro-organisms like Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Toxoplasma, and Entamoeba. So, you may use the Watershed 2510 is the shield which will safeguard your water from bacteria and other contaminants to ensure safe and clean water for you and your family.

Features of KleenWater Watershed2510 Hybrid Pleated!

  • Eliminates chlorine, sediment, suspended and solids chemicals
  • Has the best capacity to hold dirt and resistant for clogging
  • Flow is very high, but the pressure drop is low
  • 1 Micron NSF is a must for cyst reduction
  • Capacity 20000 gallons
Aqua-Pure AP810 AP801, KeyStone CG10 Compatible Filter

The Aqua-Pure Replacement Cartridge has high-quality water filtering mechanism and it comes at a lower price. The cartridge removes sediment along with dirt with a great flow rate of water up to twenty gallons/ minute.

There are two different micron layers in each cartridge. Large particles are filtered and after that exterior and finer particles are filtered in the interior chambers.

There is a cap in gaskets as well as a raised grooved design in the KW810EC which makes a good increase of the surface area.

The cartridge is the best for conscious users. You can change it after six to twelve months or visible pressure reduction.

Features of Aqua-Pure Replacement Cartridges!

  • 5 microns whole house water filter has rust filtration
  • Raised groove polypropylene construction with 20 GPM flow rate
  • Plastic end caps with gaskets confirm the positive seal
  • Replacement of silicone and ring lubricant for 3M Aqua-Pure AP801 water filter
GE FXHTC Whole Home System Replacement Filter

The GE FXHTC Replacement Filter removes more than five contaminants from water such as rust, chlorine, sediment, etc. with GXWH40L and GXWH35F. They are made for simple use and easy installation.

You can get 30000 gallons of water or 3 months service from this filter. The FXHTC GE Smart Water is made for GE standard water concern water filtration process. The GE FXHTC fits uses some other water filter housing which utilizes 10-Inch x 4-1/2-Inch filter cartridges.

It removes chlorine taste and has a little pressure drop

Features of GE FXHTC Replacement Filter!

  • Removes sand, silt, rust, sediment, chlorine, and soil
  • You can use filter GXWH40L or GXWH35F
  • The best household filter is 10″ x 4.5″ sumps
  • You need to replace after every three months or 30,000 gallons
Culligan WTR Filter HF-360A Whole Standard Duty 3/4" Inlet/Outlet with Clear Housing Filtration System

The Culligan HF-360A whole house inline water filter will not only give you safe water but will also prolong the life span of your water heater, washing machine, and other household appliances. The filter can be replaced easily by turning off the valve in the cap without shutting off the water.

The installation is very simple. It has three or four-inch FIP outlet as well as the inlet; there are no fittings. The device has five years limited warranty and has a P5 Poly Spun Sediment Filter.

Features of Culligan HF-360A Filter Cartridge!

  • Cartridge can be replaced easily.
  • You can use it for your inline, house, or under the sink
  • Top graded water filter cartridge
  • 3/4″ FIP for the in-line installation (fittings not included)
  • Have five years guaranteed
DuPont WFPFC3002 Universal Whole House Pleated Poly Cartridge

DuPont whole house water filter technology provides safe and clean water at your home by reducing the level of sediment in the water that expands the life of appliances that processes the water.

The poly construction is very strong and it is not likely to break down easily in water.

It has a universal design. Which means that this is compatible with Whirlpool, GE, Omni, Watts, Culligan, and other most standard water filtration systems.

Features of DuPont WFPFC3002 Pleated Poly Cartridge!

  • The capacity to filter water up about 15,000 gallons for office and home
  • Remain for three months and 20 micron
  • Very effective to lessons Sediment
  • Remove odors and develops the taste
  • Comes with two universal ten-inch cartridges which are perfect for DuPont Whole House Filter System and some other brands of the standard size systems.
Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Carbon Wrap Water Filters, Reduces Chlorine Taste & Odor and Sediment

Filtrete standard Capacity Whole House System Refill, 2-pack Carbon Wrap. It Filters water from Odor, Chlorine taste, sediment, rust, and silt. This unit functions great for houses with two or fewer bathroom.

Universal filter replacement is found in pleated, carbon wrap, string wound, and ridged filters. Filter life replacement is found in three and six-month versions.

Features of Filtrete Standard Capacity, Carbon Wrap Replacement Filter!

  • Five Microns
  • Three month filters
  • Universal filter replacement
  • Standard filtration
Omni TO1-SS Carbon Wrapped Whole House Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

The filter makes the taste of water better and keeps contaminants away from a water softener.

You may choose to replace the filter after every couple of month as it can lower the water pressure. The price is within an affordable range.

Features of Omni TO1-SS Carbon Water Filter Cartridge!

  • NSF certified
  • Lessen odor, taste, and chlorine
  • Lessens sediment and rust
  • Five Micron filtration
2-Pack Denali Pure Replacement for Viking RWFFR Refrigerator Water Filter - Compatible with Viking UKF8001 Fridge Water Filter Cartridge

This filter is precisely designed to ensure the pure taste of water while removing the contaminants in it and maintaining the water quality at the same time. It filters out waterborne contaminants including cysts, asbestos, particulates, lead, and mercury, without removing beneficial minerals or restricting the flow rate of your water.

It is easily installable and does not require any extra tool. The filter requires changing in every six months. It comes at a fraction of the other leading filter brands

Features of Denali Pure Replacement for Viking RWFFR Refrigerator Water Filter!

  • NSF certified
  • Lessen odor, bad taste, and chlorine
  • Lessens sediment and rust
  • Five Micron filtration

How To Change A Whole House Water Filter - DuPont Brand

Video Credit: AdamEater

Whole House Water Filter and Filter Cartridge Buying Guide

Chances are you might find yourself overburdened with numerous options. So, it is ideal to be aware of what you want to purchase and what features should you reflect upon before making the buy-in.

  • Appropriate for Home

There are two water providers for your home; one is the municipal service, and the other is a private well. The municipal service contains a high amount of sediments, chlorine, minerals, and chemicals.

However, private well accommodates toxic chemicals, minerals, and water hardness. Your water filter should be purchased in accordance with your water system.

  • Flow Rate

The flow rate is a huge factor since it regulates the quantity of water you receive from the water filter per minute. It is ideal to opt for a filter that allocates as much water as possible in a brief period.

  • Filtration Capacity

It is a no brainer that the higher amount of filtering ability signifies a more considerable time of usage. Therefore, you should pick a water filter that has a large filtering capacity.

  • NFS Approved

If you opt for a model that is certified by NFS, it is safe to assume your worries about the quality standards and safety will significantly decrease.

According to the United Nations (UN), clean water is a fundamental human right. Clean water is very necessary for our lives. But, in America, there are contaminants and industrial waste found in almost all sources of water. In most of these water contaminants such as; harmful industrial chemicals, micro-organisms and etc. can be found. These are not visible to our naked eyes, but it has the potential to make us sick very easily.

Even a small amount of these contaminants in the water will cause a serious health hazard.

To ensure safe and clean water for you and your family a water filter is a necessity. The water filtration system will save you from contaminants.

Whole House Water Filters Some Consideration

Filtration with surface filters occurs just on the surface of the filter membrane. Sheets of, nylon or Teflon, polypropylene etc. Pleated and ensured on endings to supply a high filtration place. The pollutants are trapped on the surface of the sheet, forming a coating that will eventually help filtration inside itself.

Since the pressure drop increases, sooner or later, the filter cartridge may be removed from the filter casing and cleaned away. One benefit of surface filters is that they can be washed, and the cartridge can be reused.

While pleated filters are usually used as crude pre-filters, generally in the assortment of 30 -500 microns, they are also able to be utilized in sub-micron applications since they provide finer and more consistent filtration because of their apparent pore size and arrangement.

Filtration evaluations for pleated surface filter capsules may be anywhere between 50-micron down to 0.04-micron complete, which is usually utilized in semiconductor or pharmaceutical water purification.

In comparison to some thickness filter, a coating (pleated) filter is going to have higher filtration space to compensate for the lack of thickness. Filtration regions can go as large as 11 square feet at a routine 10″ x 2.5″ capsule or higher.

Different Kinds of cartridge


Standard 2.5″ x 9.75″ Size Cartridges

This really is the most common size produced in water filter cartridges. It’s fundamentally designed for filtering drinking water, though some reduction shop manufacturers utilize this dimension in cheap whole house filters.


Standard 2.5″ x 20″ Size Cartridges

This is a favorite size of manufacturers of light-duty whole-house filters, equally for chemical and sediment removal.


Standard 4.5″ x 9.75″ Size Cartridges

This is the favorite “Big Blue” size utilized chiefly for light-duty whole house filters. It is a favorite dimension for water from wells. Most cartridges within this class are carbon cubes and sediment cartridges.


Standard 4.5″ x 20″ Size Cartridges

This is the favorite 20″ or dual “Large Blue” size utilized chiefly for free-flowing whole house filters. It is a favorite dimension for wells and also for residential chlorine elimination filters. Offered in sediment, carbon block and specialization capsules.


Candle, Slimline & Doulton Cartridges

This is the standard threaded cartridge that fits Doulton filters and our own slimline countertop series. We call them “Candles”, as Doulton does, or simply Slimline. This includes several grades of ceramics, carbon blocks, and sediment cartridges.


Microline & Hydrotech Cartridges

Specialty cartridges for filters & RO units by Hydrotech and Microline.


Q Series Cartridges

Omnipure’s Q Series. We stock mainly 12″ sediment and granular carbon models for reverse osmosis and for general filtration purposes, but it also also have specialty units for lead removal, scale reduction, and deionization.


Inline Filters

Many styles and formats of easy-to-install disposable Inlines. It offers stock open end 1/4″ port style as well as the quick connect style.


Multipure Compatible Filters

High quality carbon blocks are compatible with many Multipure units.


Sprite Shower Filters

Replacement cartridges for the High-Output (HO) and Hand-Held style Sprite shower filter models.


Reverse Osmosis Membranes

It stocks a wide variety of membranes for standard membrane housings. Also, some specialty items like Hydrotech and Q Series membranes.


Replacement Cartridge Packs

Premade cartridge replacement packs for under sink & reverse osmosis units we carry.

Water Quality Testing

If you are worried about the standard of water at your home, you can test it in the local laboratories by calling the water authorities in your town or you can test it at home by using water testing kits. The filtration system of your home relies on the standard of water.

Water filters need some maintenance. The cartridge needs to be replaced on a routine basis according to the suggestion of the manufacturers.

Odor or Taste caused by contaminants: if you feel there is odor or smell in your water, you may get benefit from water filtration. In waters of some municipals, chlorine is added to purify the water which causes the water to smell.

Water from wells in the water supply sometimes may cause a smell. A water filter can remove these contaminants by mixing Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).
Using GAC may make the water cloudy for the first few days of the week. The reason is GAC releases air which makes the water cloudy.

Rust as well as Sediment: You can often see particles in water. A lot of particles may gather behind the of faucet aerator. Sediments or undissolved particles can be removed by using particulate filters. Particulates filter are very easy and simple to install. They will offer you fresh water which will keep the water clean and safe to drink.

If there are red stains of iron in the water. To remove iron, you can use a water softener.

water contaminants

Bacteria and Parasites: If you use water from well for your home, your water may contain parasites or bacteria. These bacteria and parasites may occur naturally in some water. These elements affect the taste and smell of water.
Harmful parasites like Giardia or Cryptosporidium can be found even in chlorinated municipal water supplies.

These are very harmful to the health of both younger and elder people. Water filter with different cartridges will be strong enough to remove these parasites.

Lead: Before 1986, people joined lead solder with the pipes at home. In your municipal water system, you will find lead solder also. If you doubt about the presence of lead in your water, you should contact the water authorities to test it in the lab first.

Although, the presence of lead cannot be identified easily as there is no odor or taste in lead mixed water. You need to avoid lead as much as possible and for that, you will have to use proper precaution to ensure lead-free water for drinking and cooking. Remove lead from your tap water by setting a filter under your tap. The filter examines the presence of lead in your water and removes lead from the water if it’s contaminated.

How to Choose a Filter Cartridge for Whole House Sediment Removal

There are some advantages to the cartridge filter. It is very easy to set up, the cost is low, require no electricity, and offer no waste water. The demerit is that sediment will store on the cartridge membrane, which reduces the water pressure for home use.

Cartridges are very easy to reuse, simple to clean. There are different types and sizes of cartridge filters, normally fall into two types. One is Depth Filter Cartridges, and other is Surface Filter Cartridges.

Home Water Filter Basics

The excellent place to establish the water softener is right from where you enter your house. In the municipalities, the pipe is in the basement, and it supplies the house. Besides, some places collect water from the near well, and the connection is near with a pump.

In a water filtration system, there is various type of water filters inside. Water passes through each filter and the filter cleans the water from the contaminants. Good quality filters usually come for a bit higher price.

Installing a water filter is easy. You can install a water filter at your own pace by following the user manual that comes with the filter itself. Although, for some water filter you may require plumber’s support if it is necessary. The size of the filters varies from small to large, some require electricity (sediment filters), and some don’t.

You can get filters and various price range as well. Not necessarily all expensive filters are good, many of the best quality filters can be found at competitive prices as well. It is suggested to avoid using multiple filters at once in the same line, due to the risk of joint failure.

Surface Filter Cartridges

The filter is a must to make filtration for the surface water. You can use nylon, sheets of polypropylene, Teflon, etc. to give a high filtration area.

The contaminants will deposit on the filter and will form a layer which will aid filtration itself. At the time of pressure drop, you need to remove the filter cartridge. You can replace the filter cartridge with a new one or wash off it. It is the most advantage of the surface filter.

Depth Filter Cartridges

Depth filters have various type of cartage. Such as wound string, melt blown, or spun cartridges which filters out only various sized particles of the surface in water, This item function well when there is a high level of particles in water and ensures a great level of efficiency while reducing the rate of pressure drop of water.

Water filter micron size chart

A micron rating usually shows the capacity of a filter to remove particles from water depending on the particle size. 1 micron equals 1 millionth of a meter of length. For example, If a filter has a capacity of 5microns, it means it can filter out particles as small as 5microns.

A. Nominal Micron Rating
NMR can capture a considerable amount of particles for the expressed size. The normal rate of filtering is 90% at 10 microns.

B. Absolute Micron Rating
AMR is a kind of single pass test that is found by passing fluid containing glass particles through a sheet of filter materials. It shows the largest glass bead that will pass through under very low pressure.

How will you know the replacement cartridge you need?

See the model number and brand closely. You can identify the cartridge by looking at the system model. For cylinder filters, consider diameter and length The standard sizes are 20×2.5, 10×2.5, 20×5 (20×4.5) and 10×5 (10×4.5) inches (first consideration is the length, second diameter).


To garner a clear view on this particular topic about the whole house water filtration system, some questions are required to be answered.

1. How long do water filtration systems last?
It crucially depends on how much you have used the filters. The cartridges last about 12 months, while the tanks can last up to 10 years, depending on your model.

2. What is the basic component of a water filtration system?
A filter is a must if you are living in the city because the contamination amount is higher. The water should be treated before entering your body and house.

3. What happens if you don't change the water filter?
It is essential to change your filters regularly since unwanted chemicals can find their way to your water system if a faulty screen is at work.

4. Does a whole house water filter reduce water pressure?
Yes, by slowing down the flow of water, the filtration system gets rid of the contaminants in your water.

5. How long does it take for a whole house water filter to be installed?
About an hour or two if you call a plumber.

Final Words & Recommendation

To conclude, our top pick would be Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System.

It is the best whole house water filter and filter cartridge due to many reasons, including the UV filtration that gets rid of almost 100% contaminants. This product also provides optimal taste and fragrance. And not to mention, it is a wiser and budget-friendly choice in the long run.

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