Best Katadyn Water Purifiers Selection Must Read Guide For You

Katadyn of Switzerland produced high quality portable water filters since 1928. That’s why it has got much popularity.

The manufacturer produces innovative and long durable products. These products are used by health organization, militaries and outdoor adventurers worldwide. No other water filtration system that is having long-lasting performance and higher qualities.

Katadyn is thought to be the most useful purifier in the whole world. The filters can transform polluted water into a safe drinking water.

But it does not add any distasteful and harsh chemicals to the water. Its design is very simple. The unit lasts for a longer period. Maintenance of the system is very simple than the other filtration systems.

You can get safe and pure drinking water from anywhere at any time. One may go for hiking expeditions, camping, extensive travel and a short tour. He will get all time safe and fresh water.

The ceramic filter has a microporous structure of silver that delays the growth of bacteria. The gap size of the Katadyn filter is 0.2 microns.

The range of bacteria size is 0.2 to 5 microns such as protozoa (1 -15 micron) are successful filtered out. The filters are regenerated, and its capacity is measurable.

Quality Filtration

The combination of the 0.2-micron ceramic filter and the pre-filter is enough for removing microbial things from water. It removes many big particles, dirt, and sediments.

But the system is not perfect for chemical filtration. The silver particles added with the ceramic filter element destroy viruses and bacteria.

It gives some extra anti-microbial assurances. It is true that the 0.2-micron filter is tiny enough to protect most pathogens.

The water passes through the Katahdin filter has a silver flavor. This flavor is taken it from the ceramic filter. But the overall taste of the water is very good.

The Katadyn pocket filter fails to remove volatile organic compounds and chlorine. It fails to upgrade the odor and the taste of water. It fails to go like the carbon filter to some extents.

People like to get the Katadyn filter to get pure and fresh drinking water for their home. Use Katadyn carbon cartridge filter to get best quality water. It equips with a carbon filter to the edge of the exit hose. It makes an important third level of filtration.

The filter passes water inside the carbon filtration to remove volatile organic compound. Besides, the filter develops the taste and aroma of water.

The carbon attachment helps more to remove the taste of ceramic filter. The carbon filter of the Katadyn purifier is a nice addition to obtaining tastier water.


The Katadyn has a very long life. It means that it offers unbelievable 13,000 gallons of drinking water. You have to maintain it well if you want the most benefits from the unit. There are lots of suggestions in the handbook.

Moreover, you get many documentation and videos that are very useful to maintain the purifier. On the whole, the maintenance procedure is very simple. The ceramic filter element can be rinsed down by the cleaning pads.

Maintenance of Katadyn Water Purifiers

The pads are given with the product. You need to dry the unit completely to resist bacteria grown up. Don’t fasten the Katadyn very tightly at the time of storing it to fight with bacteria. Keep it open for some time to permit airflow and resist damp build up.

When you see the rate of flow of the Katadyn is waning, you have to clean the filter. This is enough to reinstate the flow rate of water as soon as possible.

One must use lubricant to the pumping mechanism to maintain it well. This is lubricated along with a silicone lubricant and a tube that is added at the time of buying Katadyn.

Katadyn filter is cracking when it maintains from the freeze. For this reason, people are using Katadyn in cold countries in cold conditions. This is a very important issue to look for and to escape during usage.

We have never faced such type of problem. But you will get some reports regarding this issue. Katadyn comes with lifetime warranty. You can hope the problem will be no more by replacing a new filer in the place of an old one.

Advantages of purifiers and microfilters:

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Disinfecting water very quickly- need not wait
  • Non-stop performance under different conditions
  • Removes sediments, particles, and dirt from water
  • Purifiers, microfilters, and charcoal diminish chemicals from water. It develops the taste of water.

Things to consider

  • They are heavier and larger than the tablets. They are able to filter some liters of water. This will eliminate big particles from water.
  • Cleaning with fresh water may expand the life of the filter, permit you to continue the filter for more time
  • Your filtration system is a long-term investment for your safety and health. You have to select one that will withstand all conditions. You like to put through before investing.

Where to Buy Katadyn purifier

We have tested the Katadyn purifier that is called Katadyn purifier Clean Microfilter. This is the newest edition in the purifier zone. When Clear version came into the market on it was available at REI. Now you will get the clean version in all retailers.

Where to Buy Katadyn purifier

The Black version remains the same without the opaque housing. The clear housing will help you to see how dirty inside the filter is. This is a wonderful addition.

Products of Katadyn Water Purifiers


The Katadyn Vario pump filter is the best economical choice for a group of 1 to 4 people or families. The uncommon vario model has a side pump in lieu of a vertical pump. The model uses an upgraded 3 stages filtration system that contains activated charcoal and glass fiber.

A ceramic filter extends the life of other filter components in an emergency period. The various catches with wide-mouth sports bottles and very flexible hydration bladders.

The capacity of the various filter is 2 liters per minutes relies on up to the manual pumping speed.

Katadyn Pocket

The compact Katadyn Pocket has a very compact design and high capacity. It lasts for a long time.

The pocket model is one of the most reliable filters. It ensures pure water for a long time for backpackers, dedicated hikers, and a group of 4 people or less.

Ceramic filter eliminates radioactive matters. Moreover, this filter reduces viruses and bacteria, parasites and bigger pollutants (size 0.2 microns).

Katadyn Expedition

Katadyn’s expedition is best to water purification system. This filter is used by professional, outdoor tour companies and International aid organization.

The expedition eliminates all kinds of waterborne pathogens. It pumps more than 25000 gallons of water. The capacity of the Expedition is one gallon per minute.

Therefore Katadyn expedition helps to remove protozoa, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. These things are responsible for the water-borne illness.