Berkey Water Bottle Filter Review – A Drinkable, Health-Boosting Tool

Are you looking for a high-quality water filter that can purify your drink without having to deal with the hassle of carrying around a water bottle and filters? If so, you’ll want to consider the Berkey water bottle filter. This device is a great option because it is portable, efficient, and easy to use. In addition, it has a number of features that make it an ideal water filter for everyday use. Curious to learn more? Check out our full Berkey Water Bottle Filter Review!


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Advanced technology is applied to make the purifier. Water specialists worked hard and underwent huge research to make this purifier. The water from streams, lakes, ponds, and stagnant is not mattered for this filter.

The bottle reduces lots of health-threatening pollutants from water. The taste of the filtered water is great. There remains no odor or chlorine taste in the water.

Berkey filter is an essential company for your life if you are making a tour in foreign countries. The media included with the filter is able to remove lots of pollutants.

Read the review of the Berkey Water Filter Bottle Review closely. Know more about the product and then take a final decision. You have to notice the hardware and software of the filter.

All things are excellent for the Berkey filter. Even the price of the filter is reasonable. You can use one filter for a long time. The materials are well furnished and last for a long time.

Berkey Water Filter Bottle Review

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  • It is possible to remove sediment, chlorine, silt, cloudiness, and odors from the water
  • Possible to refill about 640 times by applying a municipal source of water
  • Replacing the filter is very simple
  • Remove harmful microscopic pathogens from the water like Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E-coli 99.99%, and some other pathogens

Pros & Cons of Berkey Water Filter Bottle


  • Used newsprint as wadding material
  • The taste of water is appealing
  • Delivery instantly
  • Easy and clear instructions come with the bottle
  • Wonderful and hand handle fit for the cup holder


  • The first flush of the filter is solid.

How Berkey Water Filter Bottle Works

Open the top of the filter, and then fill up the bottle with water. After that, secure the top and flip open the piece saving the rubber straw.

Finally, enjoy the nice and tasty water. The sucking straw of the filter allows you to drink water easily and ensures the maximum flow of water.

Berkey Water Filtered Bottle

First Impressions

When you open the package to see the Berkey you would be surprised. The Sports Berkey is substandard compared to the Travel Berkey. But don’t lose heart. The service of the purifying filter is amazing.

You can get the plastic top, a soft type of rubbery exterior. The filter is dangling into the bottle with a straw. The mechanism is very simple but the taste of water is very wonderful.

Sports Berkey in the Real World

During my trip to France and Paris, I took a Berkey with me. I was eager to test the filter. When we arrived at the hotel we were very tired.

We had no energy to find bottled water from somewhere. I took water from the bathroom sink. I knew Paris water is very tasty and nice.

There is no odor with it. This water has a dirty metallic taste as the water comes from the tap straightly. I used the filter and found no taste in my drinking water.

I came to know that the Sports Berkey had changed the flavor of the water. Whenever we go out we fill the bottle with water.

We are very much impressed by the taste of the water of Berkey. We drink the whole bottle.

Some of my friends try to get a fountain to fill the bottle with water. We don’t like to drink water from the public restroom. We have Berkey filter with us and face no problem.

All are happy here though it is a foreign country. We get pure water from Berkey always. This is a constant companion for me.

There are lots of features of the Berkey water filter. The soft outer part of the bottle helps us to squeeze it easily. The bottle helps to pump water into bottles or glasses.

The plastic top of the bottle is sturdy and keeps the bottle light. The top loop is very useful to use as it has a handle. Or one can secure it with a carabineer.

The filter element of the filter is unscathed even after beating more. The title substandard turns into the best bottle asset.

The most wonderful thing is that we never use a single bottle of drinking water during our whole tour period. We are willing to make the next tour to the U.S.

We also hope that we will use Berkey in an RV. If you have any hesitation you can buy Berkey water filter replacements for the bottle with the unit. The manufacturers are giving this opportunity for your convenience.

What Do The Others Say About Sports Berkey Filtered Water Bottle

This is a high-quality water purifier no doubt. It can give you pure water within the shortest possible time. Whatever the source of water is not matter at all. This purifier can filter water very easily.

water bottle

There is only one problem that is leaking problem you may face sometimes. But if you are very serious you can overcome it very easily.

There are lots of water purification and filtration systems in the market we come to know it. The filter life of the Berkey water purifier is shorter.

The bottle gives something that we desire to get. In spite of its short life, the Sports Bottle gives purified water for a long time. The filter gives purifier water for everyday life.

The filter is a great thing for us when we are in our emergency period. When we are very thirsty we get pure water from the Berkey bottle filter.

You may get your Berkey water purifier with a limited budget. The filter is affordable and its performance is excellent.

There is one demerit of the Berkey water bottle filter. If you like to replace the filter, it cost as much as a bottle itself. Therefore it is better to buy a new one. This is a high-quality water filter with a limited budget.

We have faced with the Sports Bottle and we have given 3/ 5 stars. By significant checking out, there need some developments.

Suppose you are not happy with the service of the Berkey Sports Bottle. You should try to find a filtered water bottle buyer’s guide to get the same type of bottles.

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Berkey Water Bottle Filter Video Review-

Berkey Water Filter Bottle FAQs

Question: Can it filter out fluoride?

Answer: The portable water filter can’t filter fluoride. Sometimes Berkey offers a filtration filter with a large filtration system.

Question: What is the size of the bottle? Is the bottle on liter?

Answer: the size of the bottle is 22Oz.

Question: I don’t like to purify water filters. Drink it from a bottle that is free from BPA.

Answer: Sports Berkey water bottles are free from BPA.

Question: How long does the filter last?

Answer: it lasts up to 640 liters of water.

Question: where is this made?

Answer: USA

Final Thoughts

Take the Berkey Water Bottle Filter in your hand. It will solve your problem. You will get filtered water. Enjoy pure drinking water without any germs. You will get pure drinking water for your family also. It is great for frequent travelers.

The Sports Berkey is a nice addition to an emergency kit. When there is no electricity in your house. The purifier is also portable.

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